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1.1. Wireless Coverage

Wireless internet access is available across much of the WSU Vancouver campus. This coverage includes:

Administration Building:

  • 3rd Floor - Tower room is covered
  • 2nd Floor - Conference room and central offices are covered. The offices at the north and south ends of the building have limited coverage.
  • 1st Floor - The auditorium and cafeteria are covered. The classrooms are covered for 15 to 25 users.

Multimedia Classroom Building:

  • Most of the building is covered. Limited number of access points cause saturation.

Classroom Building:

  • 3rd Floor - Lab areas are covered by one access point. The business offices have basic coverage.
  • 2nd Floor - The VLCS 214 and 218 computer labs are covered. The classrooms have limited coverage from the access point in 218. The Psychology offices have basic coverage.
  • 1st Floor - The AMS classrooms are covered and the rest of the floor is covered by one access point.
  • Ground - The Chemistry lab and offices share one access point.


  • 2nd Floor - Six classroom have good coverage.
  • 1st Floor - The stack area is covered for 30 to 50 students. The staff offices have basic coverage.
  • Ground - The fitness center is covered.

Firstenburg Student Commons:

  • Building is covered.

Student Services Building:

  • 1st Floor - All offices have basic coverage.
  • Ground - The bookstore is covered. The student resources center has good coverage.

Sciences Building:

  • 2nd Floor - Offices and common areas have basic coverage.
  • 1st Floor - This floor is covered fairly well.
  • Ground - Green house and classrooms have good coverage.

McClaskey Building:

  • 2nd Floor - Covered.
  • 1st Floor - Classroom covered, child care center not covered.

Undergraduate Classroom Building:

  • Building covered.

Engineering/Computer Science Building:

  • Building covered.


  • Quad is covered by one access point, 15 to 25 users.


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